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Himachal an ideal destination for Adventure:

No time spent in Himachal Pradesh is as enjoyable as that used in pursuit of an activity of one’s Choice. Himachal provides the most breathtaking and geographically diverse terrain in the World – mountains, rivers, snow, forests and many more. In the last few year Himachal became hot spot for activity based holidays from the exploratory. Pleasure of day hike or nature walk or rush of white water rafting, or paragliding or skiing or river crossing, rock climbing and rappelling. But seasonal variations play a big role in most activities because these activities also depends upon the weather, river & snow conditions.
The Multi Adventure Activity Tours can be organized & operated year round depending upon choice of package and adventure activities of interest

  • The Burma Bridge:-This is a bridge that consists of a thick rope for walking upon and two ropes to hold on to. The bridge stretches across a gorge or similar. You are ready to cross when you have put on the harness and connected yourself to the safety rope. All that remains is a few meter suspended walk in fabulous surroundings.
  • Flying Fox:- consists of a pulley suspended on a cable or mountaineering rope, mounted on an incline. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable by holding onto, or attaching to, the freely moving pulley. An exciting activity for those willing to try something new.
  • Paragliding:- The Paraglider is basically a parachute wing, has no frame and is almost elliptical. The ride includes tandem joy rides in a twin seater glider for amateurs. It can be great fun because you will be using a parachute with well trained pilots without actually jumping off an aircraft. Paragliding also depends on weather and the wind condition and can be arranged if it is being organized during the operational dates.
  • White Water Rafting:- White water rafting is all about paddling a small or large raft on river rapids. This is an exciting sport for those who are adventurously inclined and reasonably fit. Rafting can be enjoyed at river Beas in Kullu Valley or at river Sutlej in Tatapani near Shimla. Rafting is done in the months of May, June & October only.
  • River Crossing:- River crossing can also be organized at a few sites around Manali/ Raison. A fly over fitted over the river would help you to cross it. This can be organized all round the year subject to weather conditions.
  • Rock Climbing & Rappelling:- Rock Climbing is the sport of scaling rocks, using special equipments. While rappelling would involve coming down from a cliff with the help of ropes & carabiners. This can be organized all round the year subject to weather conditions.
  • Day Treks:-  It is all about enjoying a great walking holiday. Day hike is not a risky affair as far as your health is concerned. But it does demand a certain level of fitness that will enable you to enjoy a good day walking, uphill and down 

This package is ideal for adventure loving people & families who have less time but still desire to drain their energies & rejuvenate themselves by taking part in various challenging tasks and adventures.

Adventure Package for Shimla & Manali
Adventure package around Shimla and Manali..



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